about 10/Fold Biscuits

/a true staple of the south

Welcome to 10/Fold Biscuits! As a southern-style kitchen, we strongly believe that no meal can be complete without the presence of a biscuit. As a business, we put that belief into action with the most extensive biscuit-based menu you’ll find, combine it with our top-tier service, and as a result, we provide customers with the most unforgettable biscuit-centric dining experience they’ve ever had.

/The 10/Fold Biscuit business mission

Our mission as a business is very simple. We want to ensure that our customers walk in the door with high expectations, only to walk out the door having had those expectations shattered. When done right, a biscuit is one of the most delectable dining options one can find in the south, but our goal isn’t simply to “do it right.” Our goal is to present every customer with the best biscuit that they have ever had the delight of chowing down on.

Perhaps more than anything else, that service is what sets us apart from our competition. It’s true that 10 Fold Biscuits can be distinguished by the fact that nearly every single item on our menu features a biscuit. However, what really separates us from the rest of the field is our commitment to not only utilize our creativity into the most diverse biscuit-based menu you’ve ever encountered, but to ensure that each customer enjoys each bite.

/The Golden Rule

A lot of companies like to have a motto, or a catchphrase, to help market their business. Instead, we like to keep our motto simple. We do unto others as we would like for others to do unto us.

Whenever we take a vacation, we like to be treated with the best service by stewardesses on the airplane, check-in clerks at the hotel, and even by fellow vacationers in the resort. We like to extend that same courtesy to those who include one of our savory biscuits as part of their plans for the day. Because we want to be treated with respect, kindness, and an awesome product when we are the customers, we want to make sure that we return that same respect, kindness, and awesome product to those who choose to become our customers.

/We want your feedback

As part of our business mission to provide the best possible service and product to our customers, we believe that an open line of communication with our patrons is key to doing so. Therefore, we always welcome and encourage our customers’ honest feedback about anything from the texture of a biscuit to the length of the line to order. If you enjoy something about 10/Fold Biscuits, let us know so we can continue to do it, and if there’s something you think we can do better, let us know so that we can use your suggestion to assist us with our goal to provide customers with the best biscuit-based dining experience.